Calculator SAFE – Protect Private Photo & Documents App Reviews

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Application will not work correctly!

When you import multiple photos, only the first photo will be shown! All other pictures are black. The image quality in the "safe" is poor.

Needs some fixes, But overall good.

Hello, I love the calculator safe app, looks and works fantastic and is an excellent concept but could definitely use some simple improvements that would allow transfer and support of video files from the camera roll, photos cant be rotated by turning the device making it difficult to view some photos in their full size and also the ability to transfer files back to the camera roll from the private area, and the ability to create folders to organize files would make this app complete. Calculator wise it doesnt register any zeros put in after placing a decimal point, so if looking to put 0.05 or 0.00005it doesnt recognize any amounts of zeros after the decimal and will always end up as 0.5. It may just be a camouflage app but it should still work properly, people will be suspicious of keeping a broken calculator app. ;) Looking forward to updates and fixes. Thanks.


Cant even use this app as it crashes every single time. Waste of money!!!

Wast of money

Terrible app. Crashes every single time when trying to go to the picture album. Unable to even add any pictures, since it crashes before you can get to it.

Awful app dont waste your money

Just terrible, wont let you do anything.. Pointless


I downloaded it, and it never even worked. Couldnt even put a password, couldnt do it after a reinstall. This is a piece of crap.


Please refund me my money. It wouldnt even allow me to do anything. Keeps crashing.


Whoever made this app, your gay. I want my money back. Douche bags.

Not working correctly

Please fix it used to work? But now its not.. Sad to see if ur not going to update the constant crash after entering the password

This App Is A Waste of Space

It Does Not Function Whatsoever. It Is A Waste of Money. And Good For Nothing. Throw It Away!


I would like my money back please. This app crashes before I can upload any photos.

Bugged out

Keeps crashing before I an do anything!!!!! Need to fix the bugs in the program


Give my money back or fix the ap

Complete rip-off!

Give me back my money app doesnt work at all. Keeps crashing wont allow me to add any pics!

Worst app ever

Cant do anything with it!!!! Save your dollar!!!


This app is completely useless it crashes every time cant see pics


Can I have a refund this is a horrible app cant get it to work on iPad 2


It crashes everytime I try look at the pics


It doesnt work I wasted my money it crashes and is hard as hell to hide documents compared to other apps

Its a steal of money

Dont buy it!!!!!! They are just stealing your money!!!!

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